ABOUT BOOK : The Misunderstood Industry
Author: Winston Wong
ISBN: 978671138205
Published by: MLM Academy Sdn Bhd
Malaysia Price : RM 20 (Inclusive Postage)
  FREE eBook included.
International Price: USD 15 (Inclusive Postage)
  FREE eBook included.
eBook Price: USD 1.90

Never get involved in any MLM business just because of money even though it is the prime motivator. People who "joined" the business just because of money gave up very quickly - they quit the moment their income drop. This phenomenon could also be due to the lack of proper guidance and education on the Industry and is the major cause of the negative image.

The benefits anyone received from the business is not just about residual income that's much talked about and/or money alone, but many aspects of personal development in areas such as communication, leadership, managing change, teamwork, inter-personal skills, a positive mindset and most importantly, learning to be grateful to everyone and everything that have contributed to our success, including GOD, for His Blessings.


" This book gives an honest overview of the Direct Selling Industry and easy reading for first timers who want to get into the industry; even for veterans to rediscover the essence of Direct Selling. "

Datin Sylvia Koh,
President of Malaysian Direct Distributors' Association (MDDA)

" A long awaited book for the Direct Selling Industry that sets the impetus towards professionalism. Winston Wong's straight talk has hit the nail on its head. It provides the paradigm shift of the reader towards Direct Selling. "

Dato' Dr. Sheikh Omar Abdul Rahman (Dato' Dr. SOAR),
Principal Consultant of SOAR Consulting Sdn. Bhd. and Past President of The Malaysian Association of Professional Speakers (MAPS) a Chapter of the Global Speakers Association.

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